2 May 2018 / Sofia, Bulgaria
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2 May 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria
WATIFY: Inspire to Transform

Technology showcase | 2 May


SmartFabLab is the first digital fabrication laboratory in Bulgaria. It is hosted at the Laboratory for Urban Design, which is a working space at the backyard of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. The three main areas in which SmartFabLab is specialised are:

  • Smart cities - smart cities, smart buildings, smart architecture, smart transformations of public spaces;
  • Smart objects - smart sensors, wearable devices/sensors, smart objects, smart mobile device accessories, smart clothing and accessories, the Internet of Things (IoT);
  • Smart mobile apps for design and manufacturing - mobile apps for 3D and collaborative design and personal manufacturing, mobile device accessories.

SmartFabLab was founded in the summer of 2013 by Transformatori Association, Digital Spaces Living Lab and private investors.

At WATIFY: Inspire to Transform SmartFabLab will demonstrate how they create prototypes with their 3D printer, will show live the printing of the WATIFY Award and will prepare some special gifts for the guests of the event.


Elektrick.me is a force of talented artists who create extraordinary experiences for entertainment, advertising and events.  They are specialized in creating unique video shows, 3D mapping and motion graphics. They are not afraid of pushing each project beyond what is believed possible, and invent new techniques when the old ones fail. They believe in magic - the magic of experiencing something sublime. Like a piece of a new world just emerging in front of you. Their purpose is to create artworks worthy of awe, to inspire the world and have some fun while doing it.

They will transform the DNK space for WATIFY: Inspire to Transform with 3D mapping to showcase how you can change a space to create unique experience and elicit emotion.

VR Express

VR Express is a virtual reality service provider, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, creating custom VR content ranging from 360 degree videos and VR animations to interactive experiences.  They offer content deployment- uploading and optimization on social media and specialized online channels. They also rent out VR hardware- VR headsets, peripheries, computer stations and accessories for the organization of events. Lastly, we offer manufacturing and branding of Google Cardboard VR glasses.

For the participants at WATIFY: Inspire to Transform they have prepared two VR stations with innovative case studies from the sectors in focus of the event: manufacturing and mechanical engineering, healthcare, finance, creative industries, construction, tourism, agro-food, and retail.


Cupffee is a Bulgarian start-up, based in Plovdiv, that produces a recyclable coffee cup made out of cookies. The average daily consumption of hot drinks requires 2.5 billion cups. Just a third of those are sold in disposable cups. But it doesn't have to be this way. Cupffee is an alternative to traditional disposable cups and porcelain cups for hot and cold drinks.

Cupffee is made from natural grain products. It is eco-friendly, delicious, crispy and suitable for all kinds of hot and cold beverages. Cupffee’s thermal and moisture resistance is achieved without any icings or coatings (no artificial stuff!) So the cup doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage it contains. Every Cupffee cup is dressed in a stylish protective label that makes it easy to handle without a direct contact and isolates the cup from the surfaces it is placed on.

At WATIFY: Inspire to Transform Cupffee will take care of our delicious coffee breaks.

Technology Showcase | 3 & 4 May

WATIFY Technology showcase continues on 3 & 4 May during the high-level conference Smart Specialisation and Technology Transfer as Innovation Drivers for Regional Growth, taking place in Theatre Azaryan, National Palace of Culture. To visit our showcase there, you need to register for this event here.  


Printivo Ltd. is a bioprinting company combining cutting-edge bioengineering technology and up-to-date scientific approach. They are operational in the field of tissue engineering and currently conducting tests to create the first cartilage and bone 3D bio-printed grafts for human application. Future company endeavors are vigorously aimed towards supplying for the first parenchymal 3D bio-printed organ transplantation and making the technology publicly available for all the benefits they manage to create.

Printivo will showcase their creative process by inviting participants to meet with Eve - desktop 3D bioprinter, which has been specialized for the creation of 3D human tissue grafts in any size and conformation - and Adam – their universal bioink.


Redborder is an open source solution for traffic visibility, Big Data analytics, and dynamic Cybersecurity. It enables the creation of customizable dashboards and reports for corporate networks and Managed Service Providers.

  • Redborder unifies the different data sources provided by sensors and probes.
  • Redborder combines Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and cybersecurity to analyse usage and manage security policies.

Its operational intelligence provides multiple metrics to monetize ICT network operations in a single platform that can scale up to millions of flows, logs, events, and users.

At WATIFY: Inspire to Transform they present “Redborder Active Cybersecurity on the Prevention of Intrusions in your Network”. The technology showcase will demonstrate how to implement the Collect-Analyse-Act motto for cyberattacks detection, the definition of KPI for your installation and the customisation of dashboards and reports to support your Security Operational Centre.

*ENEO TECNOLOGIA is a Spanish SME with headquarters in Bizkaia Technology Park and Seville. With more than 15 years of experience in IT Security, it is the manufacturer of Redborder. 

VR Express

VR Express are joining us for two more days of VR interactive experience. You can read about what they do above. 


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